Thursday, December 04, 2008

Prabh Kay Simran

Into the earth I go,
to experience the universal flow.
To isolate myself from myself,
to meditate on myself as thyself.
Infinite within the finite,
finite within the infinite.
What is my condition that I miss you so much?
Within me, is WaheGuru's sweet touch.
The nine gates are focused elsewhere,
my mind and body they wish to share.
Myself, my soul, is shared with the five thieves,
they are the fall winds and I am the leaves.
Blown around with no regard,
leaving my mind and body scarred.
Did I invite the 5 thieves to rob from me?
They enter through the nine gates, says Guru Ji.
Even aware of the 9 gates, the thieves enter and exit as they please.
I could lock the body temple, but when I forget I may give away the keys.
I have yet to achieve simran, the constant remembrance,
as a human I am forgetful, and forget my essence.
My essence remains partially hidden behind the tenth gate,
I'm knocking on the door, I AM Prabhu, I will live in this state.


Kanwal said...

Beautifully expressed!

Prabhu Kaur said...

I am reminded of my first feelings of irrevocable immersion after sadhana, the startling continuation where the day and life and all that it holds has no separation from within and the infinite.
Thank you!