Wednesday, December 17, 2008

learn kirtan on youtube

I got an email from a Sikh who started a channel on youtube for learning kirtan. Here is the link:


Most noted for Nothing. said...

Hey Ji,
i was clearing out my bookmarks and saw this address. I think i will keep it. I was thinking of moving to India to learn kirtan...but maybe i will try this site for now.Thanks!
By the way i was in India in Nov. like u. I missed my flight Oct. 29 and got stuck in Pune till Nov. 22 or so.
We could have had lunch. I didn't realize that a big Sikh event took place in a city nearby....until a friend asked me to read his blog about the experience. Maybe you went to the Gadi..?

Anonymous said...

Came across a blog posting about Nanaksar Gurudwara in remote Northern Argentina. May all your sikh readers would be interested to know.