Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Going to India - Hazoor Sahib

In two weeks from today October 22, I'm going to India for a whole month. I'm first going to Hazoor Sahib for the BIG event! Then I'll mostly be in Punjab. I feel very blessed and am getting excited for the trip. If you are from India and read my blog, let me know, maybe we can meet :-)


priya said...

Wow the pics of hiking in Colorado were time you go it on your blog...I would like to join in as well..Well this is the first time on your blog..found the link from SikhNet...Good Luck on your visit to Hazoor Sahib..Thanks

Prabhu Singh said...

Thanks Ji.
Do you live in this area? Because I will certainly invite you the next time I go hiking. I go pretty frequently when it is warm/cool. During the winter I mostly don't hike, but I was thinking I would like to get into snow shoeing.

Gurdev Kaur Khalsa said...

prabhu its gurdev here, can you email me please and let me know your accomodation for hazoor sahib, hubby is going, you guys can maybe meet up, sat nam ji email