Thursday, September 25, 2008

walking up a mountain

You wouldn't believe it, but the mountain in this picture later became like a little spec in the distance when we reached the top of Mt. Blanca. This hike was real long.
On the trail.
It was still early in the morning.
Starting to gain in elevation. Not yet realizing we weren't even 1/20th of the way there yet.
My friends that made it out with me. Gurprakash Singh Ji and Hari Darshan Kaur Ji.
Enjoying the view. It's good that I enjoyed it now, because when I saw this view again on the way down, I was totally wasted and only had enough will power to keep walking without really enjoying the view.
This was a really cool site. The shadows of the mountains down upon the valley below, which I believe is the San Luis Valley.
We reached the aspen belt and found a group of people camping Suburban-American style: drive instead of walk and lug all your junk including tv's and video games. At this point we were about 1/10th of the way there, but I believed we were probably 1/3 to 1/2 way. It really surprised me and the rest of us how long of a hike it was.


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