Thursday, August 21, 2008

The one who captures my mind

Well God is the one who captures my heart and mind. God who is both Nirgun (unmanifest) and SarGun (manifest). The pictures on this blog are of the Sargun God. God in all forms inspires me daily and I try to share that inspiration here.
This is the beloved columbine, which I've never seen below 11-12,000 feet.
The beauty of this flower has captured my mind so often, but I only found out this time that it's fragrance matches its presence. It is a magnificent work of God's art.
Note to Gurumustuk Singh Ji (I hope he sees this): These are some of the stunning photos I promised - hehe. More to follow later :-)
These pictures are after it snowed the night before.
My brother and my friend walking ahead. I was still taking photos. I don't get to see this flower often or in abundance so I had to get some good photos :-)
This was the first columbine we saw, it was right near the path, the other we searched for and my brother spotted. This was taken the day before the snow. This particular group didn't have the deep purple that makes such a beautiful contrast.

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Gurvinderpal said...

amazing photos prabhu =)