Friday, July 25, 2008

An interesting day

A few weeks back some friends and I went to a nearby place called Nambe falls, where there is a waterfall and a creek to swim in. It was sunny and warm when we got there, but things changed really quickly :-)
Hiking into a canyon area where the waterfall is and some pools below it for swimming. Unfortunately my camera was acting up and I didn't get any pictures of the falls.
It started raining and then hailing. It came so fast and so hard.
The road we came in on, was now totally flooded.
Mi amigo Pancho made it across in his jeep.
My brother was checking it out, outside the car, the Buick was checking it out from inside.
After waiting about a half hour, my brother's creative abilities got us out of difficult situations. However other people got stuck, so we stayed to help.
What is this? Snow with green deciduous trees in front?
It's the remnants of the hail.
It really did look a lot like snow.

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