Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Interesting Day

On the first Sunday of Solstice I was down the mountain doing ishnaan seva at the Gurdwara. Then my brother and I decided to help Gurvinderpal Singh Ji fix his car. We lucked out because the parts we needed were in stock at auto zone in Espa├▒ola. The only lame thing was that we were missing Gurdwara to fix the car. If you have a civic and if someday your car suddenly doesn't start but is getting gas and a spark in the plugs, it's probably the ignition coil. Anyway, we got to see some of the broadcast of the Gurdwara and got there for the very end.
It was Siri Dyal Kaur Ji's birthday. Nice way to spend it, serving the sangat.
This baby was adorable, with his turban and little chola and mala, plus he smiled a lot.
The moon was out already. I never seem to be able to get a good picture of the moon.

I ended up going down the mountain for a birthday party for my pitaji, then I went back up and came down for work the next day after sadhana :-)
The sun rising as I'm going down the mountain to go to work.
Going down the road.


Hari Singh said...

There was no spark in the plugs, otherwise the car would've started. The ignition coil is a common failure point on civics resulting in no spark to ignite the fuel.

Prabhu Singh said...

Woops, I should have written 'no' spark in the plugs - hehe

Gurvinderpal said...

thanks for fixing my car, you two... haha its so amazing thanks so much you two are saints =) so much love... =)

thanks again hari and prabhu ji =)

sirinder kaur said...

The going down the road pics, made me pick up my paintbrush again---WAHE GURU!