Tuesday, June 03, 2008

What I did this weekend

When I was in High School the most made fun of car in America was the Geo Metro. That was before gas was $4 a gallon. I used to think it was a crappy car. Fast forward 10+ years and now my brother owns one and I'm a big fan. First of all it gets great gas mileage up to 60 MPG, also it can be parked anywhere, it is front wheel drive and easy to drive in the snow, the front seats can accommodate somebody up to 6'5, and the engine was made by Suzuki, not by GM. My brother got a deal on a metro, which we commuted in for a few months. It seemed even more under powered than it should be, plus we were only getting 38 MPG. It had high mileage 176,000, but it was in excellent shape, even at 80 MPH it was solid. We did a compression test on the engine and found out that one of the 3 (yeah only 3 :-) cylinders had bad compression. My brother posted a question on the metro forums and found out that we probably burned through one of the valves. So this weekend we started to rebuild the engine. I should have got a picture of the valve which was the culprit, it was really burned up. We're planning to commute in it again and are hoping to get up to 60 MPG.
This is the head, we're going to clean it a bit more tonight after work.
We're not machining the cylinder walls, so we didn't pull the whole engine. You can see the intake and exhaust manifolds disconnected in this picture, and the crank shaft, my brother disconnected the rods from the crank shaft from below the vehicle.
Here are the pistons and the cam shaft, we're actually replacing the pistons and we're definitely replacing the valves, that was the main intention.
Here's the top of the head.
My brother said "get a picture with the cam shaft, you'll look like a real gear-head."

These pictures were taken with my phone, so they're lower quality. We're hoping to finish this project this weekend.

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