Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Humorous photos

Well I used my cell phone again to take some pictures of the car. Below is the burned up valve that was causing the loss of power and fuel efficiency.
There's a normal valve on the right and the burnt one on the left.
When trying to separate the cylinder from the rod, we ended up breaking two of the three cylinders.
Below is my brother dealing with the challenge.
"Oh Man, what am I going to do?"
"Hmm maybe I can glue it?"
"A new one! Alright!"

1 comment:

Siri Dyal said...

it seems that Hari is crying in the first pic..(ay nene!) the second is looking for a louse with his finger... awww! and the third one, two choices, 1. he wants to eat the "whatever" or 2. he is trying to connect it to his bluetooth ...jajaja
Prabhu: te ves mas guapo con ese tubante, pero no dejes que se te suba el ego.... love you both, see u at your party