Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Ultimate Frisbee

As many are aware, we play ultimate Frisbee after Gurdwara every Sunday in Española. A few weeks back I went with Gurujot Singh Ji and Gurprakash Singh Ji to Albuquerque to do kirtan at their Baisakhi celebration. By the time we got back to Española people had been playing Ultimate for about an hour, so we went straight to the field. We were all three wearing blue cholas. I took mine off and played in kacheras and a t-shirt, they both played with their cholas (tyar bar tyar for reals :-)
Oh yeah and I was wearing juttis so I played barefoot also.
It was a game on the short field so the intensity wasn't too high, otherwise I think it may be difficult to run full speed down the field in a chola and dumalla.

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