Tuesday, May 13, 2008


What can be said of love?
It is my hand, and illusion the glove.
I took off the glove, and I can see,
that by my hand I can live free.

If I love myself, I can manifest love for all,
If it is not the back of my hand, then I will fall.
Giving the shirt off my back to those with a jacket is a thing of my past,
Serving myself as well, loving myself as well, is what will make me last.

The world wishes to make me a cynic,
the depravity and hypocrisy can make me sick.
I've had people tell me they love me only to take and take,
with me giving and giving until I break.

But the world is illusion, and my soul is true,
I may have suffered, but all have too.
So by my hand I will serve every soul,
including my own; my life will be whole.

Restricting yourself from those you serve,
limits how much you can give, how strong is your nerve.
Your ego is nothing, your soul is infinity,
respect and serve that, and you will be free.

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Gurjeet Singh said...

Sikhi is wonderful.