Friday, April 11, 2008


The first time Hari Singh Ji (my brother) and I will be leading kirtan in Gurdwara is this Sunday in Española. It is our Bhaisakhi celebration. It will be the first time any one has played the rabab during our Gurdwara. Hari will be on rabab and I will be on the dilruba. We will be playing 3 shabads of Guru Gobind Singh and it will be in raag Malkauns. Both the shabads and the raag should invoke Bir Ras (warrior spirit) and of course love for God. WaheGuru!
Tune in on Sikhnet if you want to see or hear our Gurdwara on Sunday:


Anonymous said...

Wrong wording, you never play kirtan, it's not an instrument. You DO kirtan.

Prabhu Singh said...

Whatever, same difference, you know what I mean. The experience will be blissful either way.
Sat Naam.