Monday, April 14, 2008

I hope everybody had a GREAT Baisakhi!

Española's Baisakhi was just so beautiful, so amazing!
Saturday morning we woke up to snow, but by the afternoon it had all melted, and when I went to ishnaan seva on Sunday morning I could tell it was going to be a warm and clear day. The day was perfect in fact.
Our Nagar Kirtan was so nice and the Gurdwara was so beautiful. As I wrote before, my brother and I lead kirtan for the first time. If you want to hear a recording, Gurumustuk Singh Ji has graciously shared it on his blog at
Also he has great pictures from the day.
Dhan Dhan Siri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj!
Bole So Nihaaaal!
Sat Siri Akaaaal!


Sat Bachan Kaur said...

Sat Nam!

Congratulations!!! I just heard the kirtan and sounds great. I just don´t know wich is the rabab an wich the dilruba ( one tone is like the sound of violin, that is the dilruba?)
Playing kirtan is such an experience. Sometimes the nerves close the throat and the beginning sounds like "accomodating your voice" but then all the energy coming from the navel point and start the relaxing and having real fun part.

Blessings from Chile!

Wahe Guru!!

Sat Bachan Kaur

Prabhu Singh said...

Thank you for the comment Ji.
You're right, the Dilruba is the instrument with a bow, like a violin. The Rabab is a plucked instrument, which my brother was playing.
Sat Naam!

Anonymous said...

Prabu ji,

I agree! Your kirtan sounded wonderful!
Were there bird decorations hanging from the celing at the L.A. gurdwara celebration?


Prabhu Singh said...

Thank you Deva Kaur Ji.
I actually didn't notice the bird decorations until I looked at my photos after the event. I think they must have been part of a nature theme which decorated the Gurdwara that day.

Anonymous said...

Dear Prabhu Singh Ji,
The kirtan was beautiful !!!
Guru Rakha


Prabhu Singh said...

Thank you Poonam Ji :-)

Jasmeet said...


Veerji..can you post some pics from Vaisakhi in Esponala... your pics are good :)

Gurfateh ji.

Prabhu Singh said...

Jasmeet Ji,
Thanks for the comment. I actually forgot my camera that morning.
I was really concentrating on doing kirtan that day and once I left my house for ishnaan seva I didn't have time to go back, before tuning my instrument and attending the nagar kirtan. I wasn't too upset because I figured Gurumustuk Ji would be on the scene with his camera.