Monday, March 24, 2008

Soul Bride

What do we know about love?
especially when push comes to shove.
Under times of pressure,
how do we measure?

Do we show our commitment, our character, our grace?
Certainly! This is when we show our true face.
Some show a lack of grace, an empty character, and total flakiness.
Some show kindness, generosity, and strength without shakiness.

The Khalsa understands grace, the Khalsa understands purity.
The Khalsa lives by these, and knows these with surety.
There is no love without commitment,
The Khalsa knows this to a great extent.

We would give our life, before our values,
We love every bit of our sacred virtues.
That love shown to us by Guru Gobind Singh,
when he made each one of us a Queen and King,
is the love we must always strive for.
The love so deep there is nothing more.

If I know love, it is my experience of God and Guru,
That divine grace, everlasting and true.
Inspiring me to love each soul, no matter what,
creating a bond that can never be cut.

"All souls from one giver, may I never forget this."
Looking past other's faults, and living in bliss.

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