Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Interesting comment

Here's a comment my brother wrote about a recent post on Gurumustuk Singh Ji's blog:

I hate to say it, but we’re not running out of oil anytime soon. Most people know me now as someone who is very green and keen to accept and promote sustainable alternatives in all areas of modern life. I do know, and have known for quite some time, the extent to which oil pervades our lives. Anybody here who eats non-organic food is heavily reliant upon oil for their food (they use petroleum derived pesticides and fertilizers to fight against nature which would otherwise happily give an abundant harvest if sustainable diversified practices were employed). Take into account the work that goes into harvesting and transport and both organic and non-organic agriculture is heavily reliant on petroleum. There is a potential for a very scary "crash" coming from a decrease in oil production and a much more competitive global market for the resource. If the current oil wells reach their peak shortly and the USA, China, India, Russia, or any other large super-power/potential super-power decides to become more aggressive in its pursuit of oil then we have a problem, especially as demand only continue to increase. But I guarantee you we will never run out of oil in our life times. A simple calculation based on the age of the earth and the years of organic life on earth will give you an idea of the vast vast amounts of oil that exist or can exist on this earth. Some of this oil exists in a form or place that is currently uneconomical to extract or too energy intensive (i.e. you’ll spend more energy extracting it then you’ll get from it in the end). But with the increased demand and increased price some of the techniques will become economical real soon. There is more oil in shale in a single Canadian province than in all of Saudi Arabia. Oil embedded in shale is one of the sources that will become economical soon. This isn’t a problem of resources or technology! This is a social, political and economic problem. It’s true that we do not have the current infrastructure to support a large shift away from oil dependence, but we do posses the technology that could get us there if the political and social will existed for it. We also posses the power to start leaving sustainablely and leave a healthy earth for our future generations. Some of this may involve making some sacrifices, which takes social will. But the sacrifices would be minimal considering there are still some people living on this planet as if they were in the dark ages, and we’d be able to keep our first world modern amenities, we’d just need to learn to share more and change our lifestyles and habits a bit. This problem can be whittled down to the same as all the other problems afflicting modern society, EDUCATION. When the powers at be decide they want to yank the carpet right out from under us, they’ll do it with ease if we’re ignorant. Meaning they raise the price of oil to such an extent that only the super wealthy can survive within the oil-dependent infrastructure we have in place. The rest of the people will become instantly dependant on others for food which they can’t afford, for heating in their house, for the means to transport to another place to look for better alternatives and for petroleum-derived medicines which they’ve become dependant upon due to their excessive and unhealthy diets or petroleum polluted environments. In this state of "survival" people will be cut-throat and they will not care if the elites pass laws which virtually enslave them and their heirs. The only hope anyone will have is to drop the greed which was installed by a consumeristic society and media, pool together equitably and not feudally and together build a solid sustainable infrastructure with a legal base that idealizes societal values and welfare above an individual’s (or corporation’s) freedom to become obscenely wealthy. But how will the common man know that they have the power to create an equitable society rather than be recruited by the nearest wealthy person’s feudal army? Education is the key.This may sound a little like socialism, and it may turn you off. If it does, ask yourself if you have a million dollars and if you think this’ll be enough to survive very long when gas costs $15 then $30 then $90 a gallon. Also ask if you’re a fan of the gun violence in Brazil or the kidnap-for-ransom racket in Mexico City. This is what happens when a society is stratified and only those with wealth have an education or opportunities.


Anonymous said...

Sorry Prabhu, this comment was for your piece on khalistan, but I am posting it here, because some of the points tie in with Hari’s stratified enslaved society argument. Special note to Hari,

In Orwell’s 1984, the sub chapters containing writings by double fictional “Emmanuel Goldstein” says it all. That since the stone age there have been three types of people in every society, 1. High 2.Middle 3.Low

The Middle people have perennial recruited the Low people promising them equity in order to over through the High. But once the High have been overthrown, the Middle makes themselves the new High, the new Elite and the Low is cast back down again. Out of the Low, to fill the void a new Middle emerges and the cycle begins again.

The Theory and Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Goldstein%27s_book

Prabhu, that was an awesome little piece, I think I’m on board with you 100%. I think the problem with Punjabi Sikhs in the west, including myself is that

a) Typically come from working class, lower middle class, or middle class families.
b) Grow up relatively academically smart, and perhaps street smart – but are fundamentally ignorant of 99% of world history
c) During late teens, early twenties enjoy the typical western lifestyle – University or Graduate or non Graduate White collar work in the week, and going out drinking/clubbing partying on the weekends
d) Some Sikhs (like myself) have a spiritual awakening around mid twenties, but like any other new convert to any other religion, swallow wholesale all the accompanying baggage
a. Good example of this is my personal ignorance, a few years back I heard numerous times “that in Christianity there is only one shaheedi, and look how far their faith has grown, yet we Sikhs have numerous martyrs for everyday of the year”. It was only later I found out all the apostles/early church fathers/saints either died in self imposed poverty or were brutally tortured to death, just read wiki articles http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christian_martyrs#Apostolic_Age.E2.80.941st_century

Look at the end of the day, almost every square inch of the habitable land mass of the earth has a brutal story of 1.)Oppression 2.) Serfdom/Slavery 3.) Genocide 4.) Mass Rape of Mothers and their children being killed 5.) forced conversions to alien religious non religious systems 6.) & of course brutal torture to death.

Why don’t you pick any territory on earth, or any people on earth – I guarantee that at some point in time they have been either

a) wiped out completely
b) almost wiped out, and survivors subjected/absorbed/side lined by the dominant host population/tribe

Furthermore they have definitely
c) experienced mass rape, torture
d) have being economically disadvantaged (deprived of land ownership, right to trade, opportunity to become soldiers/scholars/ministers/artists etc)
e) being demonised as the cause of all ills in the world, and polluting the pure blood line of the dominant host population/tribe
f) accused of smelling and having to many children

And on a Positive conclusion, every tribe or people or religion
a) has an underlying mystical, esoteric message and experience
b) if not out in the open, then definitely an occult (i.e. hidden) understanding of all the subtle realities of the spiritual experience

And as a final note, the ELITE of the White people, the White European, know what you know my fellow “Mr Super Duper yet humble dust of the feet Spiritual Brahmgiani Singh maharaj ji”.

They know & they have always known. Case in point if this is not Sikh thought I don’t what is

The Changing Images of Man published by the Stanford Research Institute (numerous authors)

MORALS and DOGMA of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry by Albert Pike

I have begun reading the above two books, and it is shocking when SRI quotes Bhagat Kabir or Albert Pike discusses the occult symbolism of the world.

They know, for hence this is why the enslave, build and touch the heavens

We the lay men Punjabi Western Singhs think we know, and assume the world is ignorant. No sir its we who are found to be wanting

Harpreet Singh Gill

Prabhu Singh said...

WaheGuru! You're becoming quite the scholar Ji.
I'm going to have to go much more in depth with the topics and references you've posted here.
Thanks Ji.
Sat Naam.

P.S. I don't know if I have your email. I'm still prabhublog@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Thanks Prabhu
It was just spur of the moment, with grammatical errors and spelling mistakes + probably misunderstandings!!!

But as you know Prabhu, I truly look to you as the authority & the voice of rationality and reason.

My e-mail is still



Prabhu Singh said...

uh oh! hehe, just kidding.
Well I'm honored, I try to be reasonable and rational, and above all considerate. And I'm hoping my best efforts are sufficient :-)