Wednesday, February 27, 2008

If you're still curious

If you're still curious why I don't particularly favor the Khalistan movement, then please read the following article:
Singh vs. Singh
I know it's a bit dated, but I just found it and I think it perfectly summarizes the type of people that I've met and interacted with who support Khalistan.
Before everybody jumps on my back, let me be clear, I don't support the GOI and I absolutely think that something needs to be done in Punjab and for the Punjabi people who have suffered greatly. However, the methods of these feudalistic neanderthals is not the answer.
If you think you're supporting Khalistan and you're not linked with these people involved in drugs and arms and terrorism, I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but it's widespread throughout the movement.
Since most Punjabi people and most Sikhs are not feudalistic neanderthals I'm sure there is a productive solution. Guru Nanak never intended for Sikhs to separate themselves from any one, that is the central message of the Sikh Dharma. That is why the first words in the Siri Guru Granth Sahib, our living Guru, our guide for life, is "Ek Ong Kar," there is one God and we are all a part of that.
If you think you have some bit of information that I don't know, and you want to educate me more about Khalistan, I'm sorry to say, but I haven't heard anything new in years and I've investigated a LOT.
I think it is the feudal mindset of these people that really gets to me the most. How they threaten me and call me a traitor ("If you're not with us, you're against us" - feudal mentality) because I don't support violence and ill-conceived plans.
If you can gain Khalistan through a completely peaceful movement and you can treat all humans with dignity in the process, believe me I'll jump on board. As long as the youth are still recruited through divisive methods, through stirring anger in the hearts of others, through planting seeds of mistrust and hatred towards Hindus, Muslims, etc. then I will avoid the movement like the plague. Believe me, I'm sick of these guys labelling me and "my people" (whatever that is) and threatening me and then acting as the moral authority of the universe and telling me what is right and wrong. "You can't put your kirpan to the side when you're showering, but it's okay to fight other Sikhs with it inside the Gurdwara, so long as it is for Khalistan." "You can't question Khalistan or you're a traitor and we'll kill you, afterall we have that authority we are perfect, puratan, sarbloh-bibayk, Amrit-Dhari Sikhs."
I'm sorry to those I offended, I'm sure you can tell from my writing that I've been deeply offended and I'm using some sarcasm to express it.
If you read this article and hate me, then I ask you to reflect and see why hatred (one of the five thieves) has been allowed to enter your heart and mind. If you think we can't be friends because I "oppose" Khalistan, then it's time to get out of the feudal mindset. Afterall, I said that I would jump on board under certain circumstances, which include treating all people with dignity. Meaning if you can't tolerate another Sikh, I don't know how you're ever going to tolerate the vast majority of the world who think differently than you.
"Nanak Naam Chardi Kala Tayray Bhanay Sarbat Da Bhala"
WaheGuru Ji Ka Khalsa, WaheGuru Ji Ki Fateh!


Anonymous said...

Prabhu, you make me laugh. After a vitriolic post looking down on and essentially "hating" a large spectrum of the Sikh community including, "Khalistanis", sarbloh bibayki Sikhs, those Sikhs who don't toss off their kirpans and kakaars when bathing or taking a swim, etc, etc. you have the audacity to say "look into your hearts" as to why hate has entered hearts.

Come on.

Get off your high horse.

Anonymous said...

Oh, one other thing. To get a proper perspective on the Sikh freedom movement, I'm glad you're referring to 5 year old new articles. I would also refer you to great pieces by Kim Bolan. I believe KP Gill has a website? I think you'd love it.

Just to be clear, I don't like violence and I'm not sure I believe that carving out a small piece of land is the dream of Khalsa Raj. But I'm not as hateful and dismissive of the entire movement as you are.

You might think you're "bursting" a "bubble" with your writing, but all you do is prove that you live in one.

Prabhu Singh said...

These are very typical comments that I get. This is the feudal mentality I'm talking about.
First you won't say your name and own up to your opinion. Then you think because I have reservations about Khalistan that I'm aligned with the likes of Kim Bolan and KPS Gill. Give me a break.
What can be considered hateful in my little opinion piece?
I admit to using sarcasm, but I'm not impugning anybody in particular, I'm just giving examples of the sort of treatment and statements I get. Your fueling the fire with your comments.
I don't toss of my kakars either, I simply respect them the way I think is best.
I don't think stating a different opinion is putting myself on a high-horse.
Your strong reaction to my post is the exact reason I figured people should reflect and look into their hearts. Why get upset and then try to re-cast my statements as vitriolic or hateful.
I'm not putting down "sarbloh-bibayk" Sikhs I'm just giving an example of how some people use this title as some sort of divine throne to judge what is right and wrong.
Seriously, I'm probably aligned closely with most Khalistanis in regards to the GOI, Kim Bolan, KPS Gill. I just have a different opinion as to how to go about creating necessary change.

Anonymous said...

These kind of people can't even get along with their own families and thinking about getting along with the rest of sikh nation is far fetched. These people think that by using force they will be able to win but the history is right before them.

These people took advantage of donations that were suppose to be given to the victims of the riots but instead these so called "gate keepers" bought properties and started business...

actually these people are riding the high horse and only thing they know is to decorate themselves with ornaments like a X-mas tree and they are devoid of knowledge.

These kind of people are not run by their brains but by their excessive testosterone levels and only their way is the right way. how to eat, how and what to wear etc....

I think these kind of people are real enemies of khalsa and sikhi, because they have misused the funds and power. I know these are thugs of surrey bc.. and people are aware of them.

Prabhu, I would not even listen to these kind of people. Only thing they have learned from their surroundings is how to become thugs and instill fear in others or even create a big issue so that they could benefit out of it... They are delusional, just fixated to one thought how to become rich by using temples monies...

The real true face of them as been unveiled, news on CBC in past few years back ,etc... Even some of them started to use drugs to overcome their own created destructions of themselves....

definitely Khalsa will have its own raj, but not through thugs and thieves who are disguised as khalsa before the society...

Gurinder "G"

Anonymous said...

Dear Prabhu Ji,
I agree with you 100%. In India people are by and large done with Khalistan. But some people in the western hemisphere are still talking about Khalistan for their own vested interests. I challange these same people to go and fight drug addiction and alcoholism in Punjab. I bet you they will NEVER go.
Keep up the good work, I read your blog everyday.
Guru Rakha
Poonam Kaur

Hari Singh said...

Hey Anonymous above, why don't you come back and make a comment with your name attached to it? You present yourself as someone who is level-headed (denouncing violence), while you accuse Prabhu of being on a high horse, being aligned with KPS Gill and living in a bubble.

What really is the point of your post? Is it to offer another perspective for the panth to consider, or is it only self-serving. If you're trying to create debate or meaningful dialog then you need to give your name and respond to Prabhu's response, while not attacking him. But it appears you're clearly not interested in debate or meaningful discussion.

Come on, we all invite you to write another comment. Meaningful discussion, even if it represents opposing viewpoints, can be constructive and show people of feudalistic mindsets that there is away to respectfully disagree with others and remain friends at the end of the day. If you honestly think that Prabhu is full of vitriol then you need to come back and show that you are not just another person of feudalistic mindset and present your rebuttal to Prabhu's response.

You also apparently need to learn the meaning of quotation marks. Prabhu never spoke ill of anyone who applies titles such as sarbloh-bibayk, he just demonstrated how people will hide behind these titles as if by using a title they represent its meaning.

You, anonymous, seem to really be using the tactics of propagandists, in obfuscating the issue at hand the "Khalistani movement" by using a less loaded and completely agreeable title "Sikh freedom movement". I agree with Poonam Kaur, that drug and alcohol addiction are currently much greater threats to the panth then the Indian state. I believe this is what a "Sikh freedom movement" would try to tackle first.

Now here's my opinion. You, anonymous, appear to be torn yourself, not knowing how to reconcile your disdain for violence, your desire for Sikh freedom, your love for the Guru and Guru's roop with the fact that many people who are in this roop also support Khalistan. You don't have to justify the means of all Khalistanis or shield those who act out from labels such as feudalistic Neanderthals because you're concerned it'll get cast onto all those with Khalistani leanings. The truth is if you don't think carving out a small piece of geography is in line with the ideal of Khalsa raj and you have a disdain for violence then your exactly in line with the thinking of Prabhu, yet you're writing like the people Prabhu was talking about.

I have a dear friend who supports Khalistan. Every time I ask him how we are supposed to mitigate the myriad of problems associated with all the known plans of actions (usually not written of course but just represented by short phrases of opinion) for Khalistan, he says that these are unimportant in the light of Sikhs not being able to live as Sikhs freely. I see his point, but I still think he is wrong and I still think he is a great guy. I don't think that the freedom to live as a Gursikh in Punjab is completely absent. I think there may still be interference from the state in some areas, and there is certainly attacks on the roop from the media, but that there is enough room and freedom to solve many of the current problems before ever even thinking of trying to call for a separate state.

Navpreet Kaur said...

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa
Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

I agree with you. Even if a Khalistan forms, it will still be so divisive and unstable that the process will continue and there would be a talk of a second one forming. It's like what happened in Canada with the Gurdwaras. People don't like the way some people are managing the gurdwara so they open up there own. Then there is unrest and division in the new one Gurdwara, ao a third one opens up and it keeps going until you have so many in one neighborhood, with people going to different Gurdwaras and not liking the people that go to the others one. No matter how many states you have, we are still going to have to solve the problems within the communities (especially with the youth). A piece of land is not going to comfort anyone.

Anonymous said...

Everyone has a right to their own opinion, Prabhu Singh is no exception. In the same way, so do Khalistan supporters; who by and large want to see the creation of a separate state via political negotiations.

But one thing is for sure, Khalsa Raj and Khalistan are 2 separate things...

But its very easy for me to sit here and say i don't agree with Khalistan but a different thing to say that to someone who's mother, father & family were tortured, humiliated, raped; that they should not desire Khalistan. When daily they see the same perpertrators in their higher posts and being honoured? i met one family that lost in total of 32members in their extended family (including women and children), while they remain in chardi kala and optomistic - their eyes tell the story of their can i tell them what to think, i've only heard of what happened, they lived it. If this family desires a Khalistan, who am i to tell them otherwise?

Having said that, each to their own...ultimately we are all Sikhs of the same Guroo

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