Tuesday, February 05, 2008

At the Cenotes

Cenotes (pronounced Se-no-tes) are water holes that are connected to underground water supplies. We visited a few when we were in Mexico. Even on vacation we found a way to jump off cliffs :-)
At first I thought I was seeing some kind of colorful tropical fish. Then I saw these guys up close and realized they were scuba diving and going through the underground portals to the different cenotes.
Here I am in the air.
I like air.
Of course Hari Singh Ji jumped, but Sita Kaur Ji jumped as well.
Posing in the nearby wilderness.

There are more pictures at my flickr account.


Effortlessly Average said...

Those kinds of water holes creep me out. haha. I wonder if there's some mythical creature waiting to emerge from the depths for a little human snack, sort of like that tentacled thing that attacks Luke when they were trapped in the garbage compactor.

Sifar said...

I wonder the depth or should I say the shallowness of the water. I know you would not jump in shallow water and get hurt but from pictures it looks like it is too shallow to jump or dive into. The water is so clear that the stone below look to be so close to the surface. I saw one of the movies (donot remember the name) where a native person was showing some tourists to dive in similar cenotes and he struck a stone and cracked his skull. But that was a movie...

Prabhu Singh said...

EA Ji, It's about time I have a Star Wars reference on my blog :-)

Sarvjit Singh Ji, I was also wondering the depth of the water, so I checked and they are sort of deceiving in their looks. The closer part was shallow, but where we were jumping it was really deep.
My motto in jumping off cliffs and doing dangerous things is to mitigate as many possibilities of injury as I can, before getting myself into anything. God gave me an unquenchable sense of adventure and an unbelievable amount of protection. I can only continue to trust in God, because I don't know any other way to live. WaheGuru!