Wednesday, January 02, 2008

More pictures from solstice

Here are some more photos from the winter solstice camp in Florida. If you go to my flickr account (by following this link), you´ll find the rest of my photos. For those who´ve never been to solstice you may not understand the pictures so well. A lot were taken during breaks from the white tantric yoga. White tantric yoga is done in rows so people are generally lined up in rows, it can be very intense for some, as it is very powerful and transformational. A lot of people sort of just lay down during the breaks between meditations. I just took random photos to remember my experience.
Here is the tower in the middle of the lake, which I enjoyed jumping off. People kept telling me there were crocodiles in the lake, but I didn´t meet them when I was swimming in it.
The dock that I was jumping from. In the background are some kayaks and canoes that people could use to go in the lake. Me and Aditya raced from one end of the lake to the other in kayaks.
Dr. Kartar Singh Ji and Harpal Singh Ji
Gagandeep Kaur Ji and Abinashi Kaur Ji. Two really nice people whom I got to spend some time with (mostly laughing :-).
Random capture of people hanging out or stretching during the break after one of the meditations on the third day. In this photo is another new friend that I met, named Meherban Singh who came all the way from Helsinki (Finland) to be at solstice.
The kitchen/hang out area where people relax during off times. I seem to have had a lot of really interesting conversations with people in and around this building. And of course given my nature, I met probably close to 50 people at this camp. This time I´ll probably remember a majority of names.
This is my tent. My friend Aditya, whom I met the year before in Florida, at Mandeep Singh´s wedding, came to solstice and was my tent mate during the week. This is where I slept, changed and did my extra meditations.

P.S. I´m still in Mexico, but I flew yesterday from Cancun to Toluca, and now I´m with my dear friends Pritampal Singh Ji and Ardas Kaur Ji who live in Cuernavaca. I´ll be back in Española and back to work by the end of this week. Also I´ll be putting a lot of photos from Mexico on my blog.


Effortlessly Average said...

How funny: I have that same exact tent for my son. heh. Hope you're having fun in Mexico!

Mataji said...

Hey Boo,

What great pics of Solstice! (I saw the 'flicr' pics too.) Felt like I was right back there at my first Winter Solstice in 1972. Same general flow & feeling...same looks of happy, contented, hard-working, fun-loving,blissed-out WaheGuru folks! What fun! Love, Mataji

Harkiren Kaur said...

Wow I wish I had that feeling again - being in the Big Top for meditation :) Your pics are taking me right back to the European Yoga Festival that I attended in 06. I think its time to target another yoga festival!