Thursday, January 31, 2008

I really need to update my blog more frequently

I just have so many pictures. Here are some more from my visit to Isla Mujeres near Cancun. The rest from this set are posted in my flicker account.
I took a picture while driving the golf cart.
This is the boat we road to get to the island.
First view of the island. It's pakced with tourists and places to rent scooters and golf carts.
There were nices houses on that island...
...and some were right next to this shanty town.
Hari Singh Ji and Sita Kaur Ji, in the golf cart, just after we got it.
They had some kind of zipline that went out to that platform in the ocean. We didn't do it though, I think they were charging something like $15 for it or more. I figured I have a lot more fun than a zipline when I jump off cliffs at home for free :-) If I got to ride it multiple times, it might have been worth the fee.

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