Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Akal Moorat

Akal Moorat, image of the undying,
not altering, not trying.
Just living, just being,
honoring and seeing
God in all
big and small.

What is the image of the deathless creator?
Every image in this world and greater.
All images in the universe known and unkown,
are the works of art, the moortis, that God has shown.

So what moorti should we do puja to?
The inner moorti, instructs the Guru.
God is Hazoora Hazoor, ever present and present everywhere,
present throughout the universe, present in each and every hair.

The disease of ego vandalizes God's perfection,
it give our natural image (Akal Moorat) complete rejection.
The ego celebrates mutilation of body and hair,
forgoes God's image for something flashy to wear.

Realizing God, the Khalsa honors purity,
unpolluted mind and body become God's moorti.
Khalsa worships God with every breath,
Khalsa IS love, with no fear of death.

Deathless and pure, our image is complete,
we emobdy Akal Moorat, and it is so sweet!

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