Monday, December 03, 2007

Gift of Knowledge

I was reading an article on Sikhnet and happened to come across some very wise comments from Sardar Hari Singh Khalsa Ji. Here is an excerpt:

"My homeland is Earth and Khalsa Raj is my ideal. I'll do my part to help liberate our homeland by always striving to live as a gursikh and by practicing Naam Japna and Seva.

I wish we could build consensus that Khalistan is too divisive of a subject for our current time and space and that there are many great Sikhs who believe it's necessary and many great Sikhs who don't believe it's necessary.

Let's just take a 20 year moratorium on the Khalistan issue. This is a short time in terms of nation building. Meanwhile we can work towards the upliftment of the panth and the world in ways that we agree upon. This will give a whole new generation the freedom to decide for themselves how they see Khalistan in the context of us working together. They can then decide one of three things: 1. That we've done such a great job working together it's time to found Khalistan. 2. We've done such a great job working together we don't need Khalistan. or 3. We did such a bad job of working together over the last 20 years we need another moratorium until we can learn to work together."

So what does the sangat think? Should we start a movement? A real movement toward unity. Not these fake attempts at 'ekta' where people pretend to be tolerant until you're close enough for them to push their agenda on you. Not a movement towards conformity, but a movement towards unity. If we can honor all the different opinions of the Sikhs in the world, I'm sure we'll be on our way to honoring the opinions of all people in the world. We are part of this earth we can create peace and unity. It starts at home.

Raj Karega Khalsa!

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