Sunday, November 18, 2007

Quite a workout

This weekend my brother and I went to Albuquerque to play in the Ultimate Frisbee hat tournament. It's called the Albu-turkey hat tournament, because it's almost Thanksgiving. A hat tournament means you put your name in a hat and teams are selected by pulling names from the hat. I made it on team 4 and my brother made it on team 3.
I have to say my brother and his team played really excellent. They won the tournament!
We played all day Saturday and he played all day today. My team got eliminated with two rounds to go. My brother's team only lost one game. They lost on Saturday to the team that they faced in the finals and beat. The team in the finals was undefeated until they faced team 3 again. It was a close game with a lot of intensity. You wouldn't have believed the athleticism out there. People played really great. The winning catch was a full layout on a second bid!
Meaning the guy ran really fast to try and catch the disk in the end zone, he bid on it (tried to catch it) and only got his fingers on the disk. The disk didn't go down yet, it still floated for another second and he jumped straight out (called a layout) and got the disk with one hand about 6 inches from the ground and landed on his back with the winning catch. That wasn't the only complete layout that game either! It was awesome, but I'm really sore, it's an intense sport with very little rest. I think it's time for me to sleep and later I'll get some pictures up. I hope you all had a great weekend. ULTIMATE!!!!


Anonymous said...

Do you think in terms of athleticism, there is much to be desired from the Sikh youth of the Diaspora? I suppose back home the jatt toiling on small plot of land would be in very good health (sturdy as the brits put it)

It’s strange that on these blogs the youth are quick to display ignorance of Sikhism or the zeal of newly indoctrinated fanatic, over some trivial issue such as “you went swimming without all your 5 K’s on!!!!! Oh my god you had shower with em!!!!” or “What relevance does being amritdhari have in secular western society i.e. I just wanna go out drink, smoke, act cool & try really hard to get laid”

But if we Punjabi’s are descendents of King Porus Army or Indo-Aryan/Scythic tribes or some particulary fierce Scandanavian Teuotonic Germanic tribe which swept through indo-gangetic plains of Greater India. Where on earth are our champion heavy weight or fly weight boxers, where are our worldclass footballers (soccer players), where are the sikh athletes representing developed nations in the games. After all we boast of our bloody history I would expected us to dominate international sports to a far greater extent than say the afro-carribeans in the UK, or African-Americans, or lets just say on the track, west africans of any nationality at short distance or east africans on the distance, or power/weight lifters from russia & eastern europe etc But no……….lets just all troll the web until we find something related to sikhism that doesn’t affect our daily lives so we can rant & rave about it.

Harpreet Gill

Prabhu Singh said...

Harpreet Singh Ji, I had quite the laugh at your comment...
My brother really kicked ass on Saturday and Sunday. I did alright.
There was no way we could play with kirpans, this sport has you sacrificing your body for the game, and there's no way of having something sharp to land on while playing. I have a scar from wearing my kara on the field and so I can't wear that when playing either.
I had both in the gym bag on the side lines, plus my mala which keeps me collected when the pressure's on :-)
I would have loved to have seen more Sikhs out there. There were a few more from EspaƱola who expressed interest in the tournament, but didn't make it. Athletics are a great outreach for all of us and it's much more productive than sitting on a computer waiting to start a debate.
Bole So Nihal, Sat Siri Akaaaaal!