Thursday, October 11, 2007

Went Climbing

One fall morning, I went with my Pitaji and some of his climbing buddies, along with Akal Singh Ji to a nearby forest where there are well known climbing spots.
Here's a surface for climbing. You can see chalk marks all the way up, where people put their hands on the rocks.
Getting ready.
Evidence that I climbed that day. If you click on the picture you'll see that I don't have very good foot holds and I'm mostly holding myself by one arm, because I got a really good hand hold.

More pictures will be forthcoming.
Also in a few hours I'll awake early and meet my co-worker for a hike to the tallest mountain in New Mexico. It's going to be awesome!

1 comment:

Harjot Kaur said...

You are brave!! Haha. I know I probably wouldn't mind climbing those rocks, but honestly... holding onto them with one hand? Your hand must be like... macho hand!

Seems like a lovely experience. I hope to see your other pictures soon! Have fun on your morning climb!