Sunday, October 14, 2007

More from my climbing adventures

Wow I had a really adventurous weekend! I'll put pictures up soon. For now, here are some more pictures from last weekend.
Again hanging around with one arm. This time I'm taking a picture with the free arm.
My pitaji climbing.
The essentials: harness, plus climbing shoes, plus the bag of chalk.
My Pitaji at one of the later climbs.
Akal Singh Ji had never climbed before.
This part proved to be a bit too much for a brand new, novice rock climber. I can say it was a challenge. I hiked to the top of the cliffs and took these photos from above.


Guru Darbar said...

That climbing looks like fun...haven't been in many, many years. Where is that?

Prabhu Singh said...

It's out in El Rito, past the branch campus for Northern New Mexico College. We did "sport" climbing, meaning there is permanent "pro" (protection) in the rock which we can clip into on the way up.