Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I tried to update my blog :-)

I tried to upload my pictures three times. Each time took 20 minutes and then returned with an error. I guess the pictures will come tomorrow. I have a lot of material lately.
I guess I could describe what I did on the weekend and what pictures will be coming. Friday I went to the highest mountain in New Mexico (Wheeler's peak). It was cold this time of year. I was at 13,161 feet. I forgot to wear sunscreen and I got sunburned on my face. It took 4 hours to hike up and 4 hours to hike down.
That night I went to Albuquerque and woke up the next morning at 4:50 AM to get to the Albuquerque international Balloon Fiesta. It was totally awesome! The pictures will be kind of cool, but it's never like actually being there. Then we had breakfast, then we went to some caves. I had never gone crawling around in caves where you could get lost and die if your light went out. I would not recommend it for somebody who was claustrophobic, these caves could make normal people freak out. It was fun though.
After the caves we went home the long way through the mountains. We stopped at Soda dam, up in the Jemez. Then we went to Battleship Rock again. This time we didn't go to the hotsprings but to a waterfall, which I didn't know existed. Then we had a nice meal in this little restaraunt up in the mountains. Then we went home.
Then I woke up early again for Ishnaan Seva, which I love doing every week. Then there was Gurdwara. Then I went home and was too tired to do anything else for the rest of the weekend :-) Pictures from all the adventures are forthcoming.

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