Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Some pictures from this weekend

Here are some pictures of the Grand Canyon which we flew over on the way there.

Here I am with my freind Karampal Singh Ji and another friend of his who owns an Indian store in Seattle. Karampal Singh Ji (in the middle) hosted myself, Hari Singh Ji, and Gurujot Singh Ji. He took us to see a lot of sites as well as to and from the Gurdwara for the samagam. We had a really nice weekend and he was responsible for a lot of that.

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Hari Singh said...

Their daughters seemed to be best friends. I can't remember the owner's name but he had twin daughters. We met one of them at the store and I met the other at the samagam. I think it was the first time that I met a set of female twins in the panth.

What can I say but I think twins are cool and convergences of complete sets of twins is even cooler.