Monday, September 24, 2007

Pritam Bagauti

I bow to the woman of strength,
who's grace could be described at length.
I bow to the divine feminine,
in all women and within.

I bow to the adi shakti, the primal feminine power,
I honor that creativity in all, from each person to each flower.
I bow to the Khalsa women and their valiant bravery,
They are examples to the women in slavery.

Slavery of the mind, steals a woman's grace,
her unrighteous actions written on her face.
She does not realized she is enslaved,
she thinks she's empowered by actions depraved.

The women of the Khalsa, are worthy of praise,
Examples of how to follow the Guru's divine ways.
I bow to that divine feminine spirit of WaheGuru,
The mother and nurturer of all that is true.


kamaljeet singh said...

waheguru ji ka khalsa
waheguru ji ki fateh,
dis is d first time i visited ur blog prabhu ji. i m a regular visitor to and find all the efforts that sangat of esponela is doing extremely appreciable. when i luk at d sangat of esponela i actually feel dat d sikh dat my guru maharaj created are in esponela and not many in india. i live in delhi. jst saw ur comments on one of the blog for a video. i find it really nice. i strongly believe in serving my religion but jst this concept of khalistan never went inside my head. i jst nvr felt its rite coz thats not what my guru created sikhs for. we are here for a purpose and that is to serve d humanity and fight for righteous and justice for all. i wud like to jst let u knw dat u guys r doing a gr8 job in esponela for supporting sikhism and u shud jst go ahead with it with full force.

Prabhu Singh said...

WaheGuru Ji Ka Khalsa, WaheGuru Ji Ki Fateh!
Thank you, Kamaljeet Singh Ji, for your support. My blog is pretty extensive now as well. If you go into my archives I have two years of life in EspaƱola displayed here.
My feeling is that Khalistan is a very divisive issue. It has politicians and hate swarming around it more than it has love and righteousness. In the Khalistanis that I've met I see not the Khalsa. It is not even a complicated issue. Those who are pure at heart can be seen easily.
I feel very blessed by Guru Ji for giving me birth into such an amazing community. I never for a second take it for granted that I live in such an amazing place. If ever you get the chance to visit, please come, it is even greater in person.

kamaljeet singh said...

just cant express how gud im feeling from ur response. from d day i started cheking out i jst feel connected for some reason vid dat place. ive heard all d lectures of sri singh sahib. and cheked how all of u follow d lifestyle given by our guru. i really respect this. i really wanna come there. actually jst cant wait. i also want that whenever anyone from there coming to india plzzz just give me a chance to serve my ppl. i wud really like u guys to visit india and i can show u around.
about khalistan movement. i jst feel for some reason dat dis is not d mission of our guru. our guru's teaching are misunderstood by some ppl. but may be dats somethin is supposed to happen. coz we watever happen there is a reason behind it. but i strongly oppose it. and anyone who will read and undrstand even a part of gurbani can never talk such things. anyway there is lott to talk bout this and may be it can never end.
anyway my email id is
plz send me urs as well.
well i live in delhi working as senior designer for a garment design preparing for mba. lets see wat life have for me in future. its all like opening a new page of a book.

Prabhu Singh said...

My email is prabhublog @
Next time I'm in Delhi (I don't know when) I'll try to make an effort to meet up with you.

Harjot said...

That is beautiful.

I hope you know how inspiring the little things you say or do can be Mr. Prabhu. I'm thankful that you're here. :)

Gurmeet Kaur said...

lovely. coming straight from a beautiful soul.