Wednesday, September 12, 2007

My sports Kara let me down :-(

I bought this tiny little Kara for playing sports, but today when warming up before a game, I caught the frisbee and it dug my kara into my wrist and caused me to bleed for a while. I was liking wearing my Kara while playing sports and representing my identity on the field, but I need to find another solution. At least my Kaysh and my Turban still represent me well.


Rana said...

Wear a wrist band on top of it or wrap some tape under the wrist in order to avoid the digging.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I had similar problem with that type of kara. It has Takht shri Hajur Sahib stamped on it with kanda on both side. It is like band that you get when you become professional engineer, only big in diameter. Since then I had no such problem with sports or playing tabla.

Anonymous said...

ditto to what rana said! wear a comfy cottony elastic wrist band ontop of your kara. they can be found at any sports store. works like a charm.

get well soon! :)

Anonymous said...

awwwwww that hurts :( put some ointment and start wearing a smooth kara with smooth round base...hope you feel better :)
waheguru ji ka khalsa wahgeuru ji ki fateh!!

Anonymous said...

I have see some NBA players put tape on their ears when they play basketball to cover their bling bling diamond studs, of course!!! LOL

I think that tape should work pretty well for this with a wrist band, of course. Keep playing khalsa ji and keep representing. lol

Anonymous said...


Khalsa Ji, Please contact me as I am the Creator and Founder of Sports Kara. A Kara designed for use during full contact sports and activities.
I hope you still wear the Kara. I had a similar injury, but like the Kara, we're mad of tough stuff!

Take care my brother.

Gurdave Ricky Singh Shabilla

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