Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Modern music

Music has the capacity to profoundly affect our consciousness. Our consciousness affects our actions which affects our reality. Here are some words I thought of to describe modern "hip-hop" and "pop" music in general:

inane     hedonistic     misogynistic     hypnotic     
disgusting     disturbing     disenfranchising     uninspiring     
indulgent     wasteful     violent     lustful     greedy     
catchy     rhythmic     enticing

Large corporations are beholden to no one, their number one priority is to make money. The corporations in the entertainment industry feed us the music they produce and the news they write. It is hypnotic and it takes our minds away from us. We do not reflect deeply we accept what we're told. We're told that n'sync has talent and we believe it. The only Black people we see on TV are either in rap videos, playing sports, or being arrested on the news. They're never portrayed as scientists, visionaries (with the exception of Martin Luther King), activists, environmentalists.
Rap videos are so hedonistic it's all about maya (illusion). Nobody looks good in the videos. Black men are portrayed as violent and troubled and women are portrayed as objects of desire, who will do anything for diamonds. What normally seems immoral and dangerous is revered in rap videos but only normal and acceptable for black people. Just as ubiquitous as are basic morals (shared across all religions) so are the tv sets that daily broadcast images and music and messages to our kids teaching the opposite.
Rap is so catchy and I listen to it, but I can't listen for more than a few minutes before it starts to affect my state of being. The new "Sikh" rap video submitted for the online flim festival is an awesome start to using the powerful medium for good.

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