Thursday, September 20, 2007


Some miscellaneous pictures from my trip last weekend.
I thought there was some nice landscaping at this gas station we stopped at.

Funny name for an outhouse. We were almost to the border at this point, and I had to go to the bathroom since we landed in Portland. So I paid a visit to the honey bucket.
After the samagam on Friday night we went to a restaurant nearby. We were hanging out with Dileep Kaur Ji and met some cool friends. In my case I "re"-met some friends that I met last year in Toronto.
Harijot Singh Ji adjusting his turban while Mehtab Singh Ji is showing him how to use the phone. I had to take a pictures of Mehtab Ji because he looks so much like his older brother Attar Singh Ji.
We had an early flight out of Seattle.
We saw this mountain on the way home. It's funny because two weeks prior I'm sure I was at a higher elevation than this, but I was not above the clouds. The northwest definitely has a different climate.

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Anonymous said...

Waheguroo Ji Ka Khalsa
Waheguroo Ji Ki Fateh

prabhu veer ji, how are you?? was really nice meeting you and the twins (hahaha)! thank you for not putting up the pics... :)

hope to see you soon at future samagams.....

dhan guru

-your sister, pritpal k.