Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Having lunch in Durango

Our second stop on the way to Ouray was in Durango, Colorado. We ended up hanging out there for a while and didn't end up in Ouray until the evening.
We stopped at a park and ate lunch (veggie burgers).
When you're camping you wash your dishes in the river and then rinse them when you're done. Any way Satgurprasad Kaur Ji started to splash some people.
Then a guy went kayaking by with his dog.
Then Akal Singh Ji decided to get in the river.
I think some people are tired of being splashed...
I think she got wetter than everybody else. Well until we all changed and then we all jumped in the river.
After jumping in the river we played frisbee for a little while. Then we went to Ouray.

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