Monday, September 17, 2007

Getting to Surrey

Gurujot Singh Ji and myself got a good deal on tickets through Southwest. But with the good deal we didn't get great times. We flew into Portland on Friday morning and out of Seattle on early Sunday morning. Harijot Singh Ji lives in Eugene Oregon so he picked us up and we all went together to the samagam.
Gurujot Singh Ji, driving and explaining the mp3 player at the same time.
Harijot Singh Ji, thinking the setup is pretty funny.
There was no way to hook up the mp3 player to the stereo so Gurujot Singh Ji brought extra speakers. He brought an inverter to have an outlet from the cigarette lighter, but we needed two plugs so he brought an extension cord. This was the resultant setup.
Proof that we went through Seattle :-)


Anonymous said...

how was samagam overall?

Gurvinderpal said...

wow i could tell that Gurujot has spent time in punjab.. or is a ghett punjabi btw he hooked up the mp3.. so ghetto but thatz how we punjabis roll Bruaah!

Prabhu Singh said...

The samagam overall was pretty cool. It's nice to sit in the sangat and listen to kirtan all weekend :-)

Yeah Gurujot Singh Ji is quite the Punjabi. I heard him and his brother speak Punjabi a lot during the weekend.