Sunday, September 16, 2007

Back from Surrey

Here are some pictures from the Peace Bridge which is where we crossed into Canada. It took an hour to get through on Friday afternoon. It took like 5 minutes to get back at around 3:30 AM this morning.

Traffic making things slow. It was the most pleasant Canadian border crossing experience yet. I've never had a pleasant experience entering into Canada, going back to '99, but this time it was so painless. I even thanked the lady for making it such a pleasant experience. I mean I really went through it every other time I went.


Anonymous said...

May be (huge) number of Sikhs who call Surrey home has something to do with your going into Canada swiftly.

Prabhu Singh said...

Though when I crossed near Toronto I had a hard time despite many Sikhs living there. I think Surrey is closer to the border than Toronto so that may be a factor in them seeing more Sikhs.
I was just happy to finally get into Canada without having to be searched and answer a thousand questions.