Monday, August 06, 2007

More nature

Going up. On our way to one of the important religious kivas located at Bandelier.
A friend that came to visit us.
Being unique is excellent.
Sharing the beauty within.


Gurpreet Singh said...

You always on some adventure singh

Hari said...

Hi Prabhu

Some great pictures. I have used one of them at SikhiWiki in the article on Rehras Sahib - check it here:

The article is going to be the whole of written Rehras with audio - its not finished yet - but have a look. I hope you don't mind us using the pic.

Keep up the good work. das, Hari Singh (same as your brother!)

Anonymous said...

awesome pictures ji..... wow. waheguru waheguru waheguru
i miss ur darshan piayaria

mandeep singh florida vale