Thursday, August 09, 2007

Flowers and their friends


Prabhu Singh said...

Ji, you've made your point. I'm going to delete your duplicate comments. If you have another point feel free to make it. You won't be convincing me any time soon. I learned even more yesterday about 'Sant' Ji. I just continue to be disappointed.
We have the Khalsa to look up to admire and praise.
Raj Karega Khalsa!

Anonymous said...

Please do share what you learned? And can I ask you if you have actually listened to his speeches?

Prabhu Singh said...

I would recommend this article:
Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale: Five Myths

Although I generally find this site to be pretty offensive, he does do research. I'm not saying I fully agree with this article either, but it shows some of the personality traits of Bhindranwale that have been related to me. Mostly that he was violent, hot-headed, macho, and misogynistic.
Everybody can give inspiring speaches and everybody has good qualities. God is everywhere, but I don't personally revere Bhindranwale. Some people believe he was a great saint and martyr and some people believe that he was the reason for Bluestar and the resultant decade of violence. Probably both are a bit too much. He did what he did, and we are here now. Revering him or demonising him does nothing for the panth. It only propogates political agendas or divisions.
I can't understand why his picture and the pictures of others who have comitted violent acts are displayed in Gurdwaras and langar halls, while there are no pictures displaying Sikh doing seva or meditating or doing something positive. Why must we constantly be reminded of these things?
Generally I go to the Gurdwara for peace. These days it's hard to find that anywhere. It's replaced with politics and division and judgement.

Sikhi Seeker said...

I don't know any authentic information on Bhinderanwala ji...but the last paragraphs are my exact thoughts!!!!! I know Kurbaniyan of Sikhs who've fought for the panth are not to be forgotten, but why don't we promote peace by resting our eyes on the acts of goodness done by others, inspiring us to do the same. Just the thought of the langar hall walls adorned with these beauteus and inspiring photos of peace and seva fills my heart with bliss and joy :)