Thursday, August 23, 2007

Disturbing Propaganda

This article starts by attributing words to Guru Gobind Singh, which are not his!
Be aware of people who try to twist Gurbani and use Kachi Bani to put forth their narrow minded opinions.
Bibek means, discerning intellect, so that we know what's right and wrong. Discrimination against people is completely against our way of life.
Guru Gobind Singh said: "maanas kee jaat sabai ayk pahichanbo"
Meaning that all human beings are recognized as the same.

There are some groups of 'Sikhs' who use the term bibek to encourage discrimination against those who haven't received Amrit. They even kick people out of langar preparations! These narrow minded fanatics hate and discriminate. Even though they may dress like Sikhs, if they don't inspire you, then don't believe them. Sikhs inspire all those who they come in contact with.
The food of these fanatics would have the blood of innocents, the people they've discriminated against, like Malik Bhago. Those who are humble and honest whether or not they receive Amrit are like Bhai Lalo, whose food is pure.

Disclaimer: some people are taught this and don't know any better. Still every Sikh should know not to attribute words to the Guru that are not his.


Anonymous said...

Prabhu, it is frustrating to see that these people call themselves as sikhs or khalsa but fail to see the universal message of Guruji. people do this kind of stuff for financial gain. Which can only be gained if they divide people into groups and then acclaim themsleves as a president etc... THE bottom line is that everyone is after maya, even if they have to sell religion, Guru, God and even themselves.

You will see that in our life time matters are going to get worse. It is said as Kal yug ages people will be selling SGGS door to door, people will add their name in SGGS where ever it states Nanak, people will create their own version of SGGS etc. People will think that their poetry about god is even more powerful than Guruji even though thier minds and actions will be totally corrupt.

Prabhu bad times will come and we do see that reflection time to time, but it will get worse gradually as maya (illusion) will rule our minds.

The important thing is that we have to maintain the literature in its orginal form, we have to educated our new generation how people are trying to mix things up to cause confusion, we have to defend real khalsa with our intellect and writings. We have to preserve the orginal format of SGGS, and other historical things from Guruji 's times. Khalsa will stand tallest when the things are most darkest.....

So, we need to be very analytical about everything, but also protect other peoples rights. Even people who do not believe in God or hate God, as sikhs we have to honor their thoughts and beliefs, but be strong with our own beliefs.

Gurinder "G"

Anonymous said...

The info I have provided regarding kal yug, I believe it is written in tenth granth. Not 100% sure, because I read the translation many many many years ago, along with other text books.

In the future, sikhs will confuse sikhs or other men from other religions who may look like sikhs may cause all the problems.

People will misinterpet SGGS and Tenth GRanth and will be more prone to LUST and SEX. Its kind a scary to know all this.

Gurinder "G"

Anonymous said...

Correction of last paragraph:
I meant that people will misinterpet SGGS and tenth granth, and sikhs will be more inclined towards lust and sex etc.

The reason is very clear, since SGGS is the only holy book "our living Guru, Word" wrtten by the first author at the same moment. If inclusions or exclusions were made, those were made by Guru ji by themselves.

Just teachers at school, they know what is more relevant info and which is not. Who could be higher in spirtuality than Guruji. They wrote shabads will when they were tuned into ONE FREquency. Guruji's also lived their lives through hardships.

Now days Real sikhs are getting education and thank God saintly sikhs are born in united states who will bring back the lost literature and also truth back.

In the past majority of hindu scholars have twisted and tried to pollute the history of sikhs. Exactly the way they diluted Janism and Bhuddism from india. They thought that they will be successful in diluting sikhism. Yes, they were successful by twisting history.

for example, Guru Gobind singh ji never took five heads and the blood on his sword was goats which were kept in the small tent behind the stage.

I amazing thing is that there were thousands and thousands of people sitting all over the place some near or far from the tent. If one goat may be been beheaded then rest of the goats would have made noises from fear.

At that time, no one heard any goats in the tent except that a thug sound and then Guruji walked out with his sword dripping blood. Thats when the people sitting closer to the tent got scared and began to flee. Then another head and then another head, by this time people thought that Guruji might have gone mad, And more people began to run away. But after a while Guruji brought five back on the stage, then people realized that they have been liberated. But now it was TOO late to offer their heads.

Hindu scholar are making remarks that its impossible that they gave their heads and Guruji brought them back to life. The interesting thing is that the ENTIRE hinduism history is filled with small gods bringing dead ones back to life. Where the head of elephant was attached etc. Those same scholars believe that its possible that it was done by small gods. But its impossible for sikh guru's. They just contradict themselves everywhere.

Thats why fake Guru's in india are quite popular. People are not enough educated and also people hope for the quick fixes of their lives. These people are also being promised about heavens after death. I can't believe that at this time and age people will fall for fake miracles.

Gurinder "G"

Sikhi Seeker said...

It seems way too long since I read something that is so open minded and comforting. Blogosphere and the real world is alike taken over by discrimination within Sikhs and Sikh communities. It is one of the sadest things to witness and worse to be at the receiving end of things. But either way, I am so proud of you to share what Bibek really must mean. I mean to me, it seems more like Guru's intent, for i don't expect Guruji to be encouraging discrimination when that is what he created the Khalsa for - to get rid of those frail human discriminating categories.

And Gurinder veerji (SSA), I like your analysis of why fake Gurus are so popular in India or otherwise - we all want a much quicker fix to everything and that seems to be the prominent message from these people. But like a cult driven by impossible goals, people never are able to decipher the falseness of it all, even from all the unfulfilled promises of these sources. alas. But hopefully in good time. Hopefully with Satgur's nadar :)

Anonymous said...

What's this all about. So certain Sikh's believe that they should not eat or go near people who have not taken amrit. Are these not akj Sikhs who always talk about bibek? It's a sad I don't know much about rehit and Gurbani in depth. It will only make non Sikhs like they would say go away from following Sikhi if they are so extreme like following muslims.

Siri Simran said...

Really, if by eating next to someone we lose our "merits", then those "merits" are just as fleeting as any other of Maya's trappings. I have always been under the impression we sought the eternal, "Aad Such, Jugaad Such, Haibee Such, Nanak Hosee Bee Such": Was, is, will be forever. Not: "Was, is, will be forever except if we ate with someone who is not as pure as we are".

I can understand that this is more than just about food. Food, as a metaphor, for taking on the same lifestyle, the same ideas (food for the mind), can become poisonous. That would make more sense.

Our wisdom and intelligence governing our behaviour must fall in line with our faith, not the other way round. Discrimination must be employed, not against other people, but against our own prejudices and the five enemies within us.