Wednesday, July 18, 2007

On the same note

Here are some more pictures of when I went to the amusement park in Albuquerque with my family.
My nephew, tired of the paparazzi I guess :-)
"Some day I'm going to ride the roller coaster behind me"
My brother was the paparazzi for a little while, he got like 6 photos of me holding my niece.
My nephew ready to ride.
"HI, I'm having fun."
I rode the kid rides also.
This ride was fun! Though my nephew didn't like it. He's only 3, but he's pretty brave. You're taken way up in the air and then you come down really fast and go around.
Here's the view from the top of the ride.
There's my sister with her son and daughter, my niece and nephew.
"While you guys went on that scary ride again, I got ice cream!"
"Me too :-), I also got ice cream (she doesn't talk yet, but that's what her expression said :-)"
"We're too short to ride the next ride, so we'll sit with our Aunt Sita and enjoy ice cream."

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sikhi seeker said...

awwwww!!! Really fun photos and the kids have grown up :) Waheguru!!

p.s.// And you must try the's such an awesome thing to do - i like to so much cuz it lets me stop thinking for at least a few minutes :P