Thursday, July 26, 2007

Current "Sikh" politics

Thank WaheGuru that the Siri Guru Granth Sahib is so amazing and that we have uncorrupted access to the teachings of our Guru!
Wow, if you've never heard of Sikhs before, the following two articles would certainly turn you away for ever.
1. Kirtani who violated Hukamnama allowed on Dixie Gurdwara Stage
In the first article you'll read:
"Mehar Singh helped create a GOI sponsored group setup to rival the traditional Akhand Kirtani Jatha, known as the Prabandaki Panchain. This pro-Badal Panchain is now headed by ‘Deputy’ Baldev Singh, who is also spearheading SGPC’s Dharam Parchar Committee."
Also you'll read:
"According to the insider, the organizers said that Mehar Singh was elderly and deserved leniency, the wedding in 2004 took place because there was no gurudwara in Alabama, and the numerous attendees of the wedding sitting on chairs were “elderly.”"

Those who have political differences with this kirtani, even took it as far as writing the Akal Takht about his performing the Anand Karaj. Do people not have anything better to do with their time?

2. Former Sikh leader awaits bank heist sentence
The second article, is written by Kim Bolan of the Vancouver Sun, who makes Sikhs look bad in every article she writes. However, this one is particularly awful because of the truths behind it.
"For months, they did conditioning and paramilitary training that they planned to use in India. [Referring to the Khalistanis]
"We jumped out of vehicles going 40 kilometres an hour," he recalled. "I was also tortured, just to make sure I could take it.""

These macho idiots who tortured him and planned acts of violence later abandoned him because he showed a preference for tackling human rights issues in a peaceful way. His abandonment by the ever-friendly Khalistanis sent him into depression which is when he got into drugs.

WaheGuru, may I ever remain in the company of the holy and never find myself amongst those who tarnish the image of the Khalsa panth.


Sikh said...

well prabhu brother.. this religious politics is very dirty.. if one person is against someone.. he/she will not sleep until he defame every single person of that group. It's all bullcrap... Its happening in every corner of Sikh religious groups.

Anonymous said...


I know these people ( person who drifted into cocaine habit). I used to attend temple regularly during those times with my parents. These people have hurted sikh faith or tranished the image of Guru.

I have seen with my own eyes that these people collected donations from temples which were supposed to be given to the victims of the riots around that time of period. But these Donations were kept in their bank accounts and many of the members bought the real estate.

The person that they have shown ( mr rai) and others were like thugs and they thought that sikhi only belongs to them. In the news paper they said that he used the family savings money which is around two hundered thousand dollars, this is donated money.

I always used to pray that the true faces of these thugs should come forward in the future. Hey, you know what it took some 20yrs but thier true identity came out. These people have abused the sentimentals of the sadh sangat. I remember that ladies from the sadh sangat would take all of their jewelry to donate for the victims. But these Stupid ugly souls they abused everything.

I am glad that their faces are being exposed, so that in the future people will think twice about the faith.

HEY, you know what? During those times (1984), lot of people began to wear turbans actually overnight and became religious in the eyes of sikh sangat. IT was all done to collect money and lot of his friends have hotels and apartments, and other real estate. People thought that they came back to the religion because they are hurt, but actually they were thugs from the begining and will reamain thugs.

If you use Guru's money and if you decieve sadh sangat then off course your mind is going to be wrecked!

I wish that more people are exposed! I don't think that we should think that by exposing these thugs will hurt sikhi, but it will clean out these viruses.

We don't need these thugs to control Guru's Gurdawara's.


Harjot said...

Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji ke Fateh!

Dear Prabhu,

Well, basically all I can say about "Sikh" politics and those articles you have shown us is that bad people exist in every corner of the world. You can never escape them, but as a Sikh it is our duty to either surpass their awful deeds and ensue in the minds of those that are in doubt that there is in fact light amongst the darkness, or help those that have strayed off the path come back into realization of their misgivings.

I honestly don't keep tabs on Sikh politics unless they are thrust upon me by headlines or everyone around me. I find much about them to be doubtful. It seems that people have strayed too far off the path and are now in the grips of ego, greed, and lust. Politics are there to assuage their need for order, apparently, but in the end the power it gives to certain people forces them to choose between reality or the unknown. They choose to forget everything and live in the moment, making sure to reap earnings from every hidden niche they can find, forgetting the root principles of Sikhism, and going to live off their dream in this material world. In their wake they forget what it means to forgive, live truthfully, and without reciting Bani with the pure intent to learn from it they are lost... lost into the frame of the world that has never been stable.

I really can't say much about the articles individually, but I just decided to sum up politics as a whole instead. Though of course there are some good people out there amongst those so called 'Leaders' as well.

One day perhaps people in the media here will look to bring to the forefront the goodness of Sikhism, and the essense of beauty it has to offer the rest of the world instead of the petty conflicts amongst the humans who now represent 'Sikh' politics. Maybe one day journalists will want to write the truth about there being evil everywhere and also goodness to counteract it.

Maybe... just maybe.

But until then,
Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji ke Fateh!