Monday, July 02, 2007


An excellent article on
The Spin-Doctors Are At It Again
This article was posted amongst a couple other new articles on SikhChic relating to the achievements of two Indian "Sikh" men.
Sikh-Aussie Named Top Inventor
Canada's First Sikh Chief of Police
I still feel the same as I did when I wrote the following article:
Thoughts about achievement
I see no point as a Sikh to celebrate the accomplishments of individuals as a Sikh accomplishment, unless that accomplishment is associated with the Sikh identity. Any individual without the Sikh identity, will remain as an individual, and thier accomplishments will never be associated with Sikhs. Greatness associated with turbans will be associated with all Sikhs. Greatness by the above two individuals may be associated with Indians, but they will never be associated with all Sikhs. Their accomplishments may be chic, but they are not Sikh.


MAI said...

Prabhu Ji,

I thought exactly the same thing when I saw those articles and read the stories.

As always, I mentally pictured them with turbans and beards and thought, 'What a loss!' A loss to us Sikhs as a community, of course, but perhaps a greater loss to the individuals involved.

It is sad to see them turn their backs when such a wonderful gift has been offered to them.

Apaar Singh said...

Copied from my previous response:


I Co-Sign on that. I think its interesting that the website has choosen to highlight individuals who have choosen to turn away from the Sikh identity.
I think for people who have gotten to know you from your blog should realize by now that you show no hatred towards other people of any background. This is not about hate its about truth.
I would like to make a clear example of what Prabhu is talking about below:
A white male who may attend gurdwara on a regular basis but does not keep a Sikh Identity is not labeled a "Sikh". Furthermor, if this man had a great achievment in life, would this accomplishment be labeled a great Sikh Accomplishment? No it would not and its clear why not. I think often times in the Sikh community we confuse Punjabis with Sikhs. And thats all this website it doing. I think they are making a great effort in encouraging young Sikhs but the focus should be on Sikh pride if the website is called SikhChic.

Prabhu Singh said...

Thanks for the comments.
Apaar Singh Ji you definitely understand the point I was trying to make.
I'm not at all trying to criticize these individuals or say they are not Sikhs. Every Sikh with the Guru's roop honors the whole panth when they do something great. If we are going to highlight Sikh accomplishments lets highlight the accomplishments that garner honor for the panth.