Thursday, June 28, 2007

Some Bhangra photos

For a few years GuruBachan Singh Ji and GuruBachan Kaur Ji have hosted a party at their house for international guests that are visiting for the summer events. We did some Bhangra at that party. This was the day before the Peace Prayer Day event that kicks off the Summer Solstice Sadhana camp. We also did Bhangra that day (a different dance though).

In the background is the host GuruBachan Singh Ji.
We just worked out this ending a few minutes earlier. It turned out pretty good.


Anonymous said... and women holding each other lewdly.
And this is supposed to be spiritual, this is supposed to be the truth from God!?!
I'm sorry but it's too wishy washy your religion; nothing concrete. Just do whatever you want and respect everything you do

Prabhu Singh said...

If you feel your opinion is worth something please give your name and identity. It's easy to criticize others from the comfort of your computer.
I don't think there's anything lewd about this photo. What kind of sickness is occuring inside your mind? We were just dancing and having some fun.
I didn't say any of this was supposed to be spiritual. Bhangra's just for fun. Still everything can be done for God. True saints remember God in every action. People like the Sufis dance to reach God.
There's nothing wishy washy about my religion. Myself and some of my fellow Sikhs are more disciplined than any other religious person I've ever met in my whole life. I've met thousands of Christians, hundreds of Muslims and Hindus and other people and I have yet to meet anybody more disciplined than the Sikhs that I know.
Most of the Christians that I know are "good" during lent and the Muslims I know are "good" during Ramadan. Why wait for these times? What makes them any different than any other time? Each time you take a breath there is an opportunity for you to remember the source of that life giving breath.
God bless you to see that God resides everywhere. May you someday release the lewd thoughts from your mind and replace them with purity, so that you may recognize the purity and divine essence of others.