Wednesday, June 06, 2007

More pictures from my Yuba City trip

Some of the crowds at the festival.
Some people doing Bhangra in the crowd, while the main at was on stage.
More of the audience doing bhangra.
The main performer, Pammi Bai. I wasn't familiar with him, but I met him back stage and he said that we did very good bhangra. Later I found out that he's pretty famous. Actually I just found out that I had seen his video about the pagri, a few weeks back, so I should have known who he was.


Anonymous said...

We don't have many turbans in the crowd , though I guess 90% must be SIKHS :(

Anonymous said...

I think 99% are sikhs,but with no turbans. That's why people like prabhu and others need to shower their sweetness without any judgment on others so that others will learn the essence of sikhi.

If we isolate ourselves, or keep on judging on physical activities that are or not part of sikhi is waste of time. If somebody does not like physical activities they should simply not do it. Why keep on ranting on things that we do not like.

If we have really achieved the stage of Khalsa then we will not be judging other people, but instead reach out and deliever the message of the guruji so that burning souls can be cooled by the name of God.

I think sikhs in new mexico are doing great job of conveying universal message to masses of Guruji indirectly. Once people see that we can be successful in life even with turban then things will change. And the only to convey this message is to take part in these kind of functions. And show the youngesters and grown up folks to drop their insecurities of themselves surviving in society.
Message should be that its your choice to live for society or for Guruji. latter will result in immortality if sikhi path is followed with love.

People, if someone saves one soul or attaches one soul in love of God then we have accomplished our goal.

sikhi is about service, seva, and it could be in langar, clothes, shelter or educating people in various ways.

Great job guys and Gals!!!