Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Still just getting started

I realized I still have tons of pictures from New York and the Sikh day parade to share.
The Singhs! Ajai Pal Singh Ji and Mandeep Singh Ji.
First time I heard a Dhadi Jetha in the US. For some reason the speakers in the Gurdwara were turned up really super loud, unpleasently loud, and I wondered why a Gurdwara would be like that.
There were tons of people at the Gurdwara, and when the jetha stopped you could hear so many people talking. I'd never had such a loud crowded Gurdwara experience. It was very interesting.
The reason the Gurdwara was so crowded was because Ranjit Singh Dhadrianwale Ji was there. We just had time to bow to the Guru and eat langar, but if we had stuck around I couldn't have understood what he said anyway.
Some of the crowd. I was waiting in another really large crowd, to bow to the Guru, as I took these photos.

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