Thursday, May 10, 2007

Rest of my Friday pictures in New York

I was in New York Friday to Monday, so I still have a lot of photos to share :-)
This is an interesting photo because only Gurvinderpal Singh Ji's face is in focus, the rest is kind of blurred.
Ravinder Singh Ji and Inderjit Singh Ji.
More Singhs! We went to the airport to meet Baba Iqbal Singh Ji of Baru Sahib. It was real nice to meet him in person. I really admire their school/campus/program/jetha... the stuff they do :-)

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Anonymous said...

i was advised by a friend to go to Baru Sahib on my trip on Punjab...

i knew not what to expect as i knew nothing of baba Iqbal Singh or Baru Sahib..i was amazed when i got there....speechless :-)