Thursday, May 03, 2007

New York

Here's an interesting perspective of New York to start. I have a lot more photos to go. This was taken from the car. I take so many pictures from moving cars :-)


Anonymous said...

its interesting photo. In the back ground the city of the living and at the front is city of the dead.

Its amazing where life ends and we don't even think that this life is not forever.

Sukha Singh Nihang said...

"fareedhaa gor nimaanee sadd karae nighariaa ghar aao ||

Fareed, the poor grave calls out, "O homeless one, come back to your home.

sarapar maithhai aavanaa maranahu n ddariaahu ||93||

You shall surely have to come to me; do not be afraid of death."||93||" (Guru Granth Sahib Ji: Ang 1382)

Sukha Singh said...

Prabhu Singh Ji I seem to have lost your email address. Send me an email on I have come up with a picture inspired by this photograph above and would like to send it to you so email me soon bro!

Hope all is well with you and sangat of espanola - missing all of you and send my fateh to you all