Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Life update

I forgot to get my card reader from my brother again, so I thought I'd update my blog with some updates from my life. I don't write much personal stuff on here. A lot of people may know that I've lived alone for the last 2 and 1/2 years. You might also know that I do not like living alone and these years have been somewhat of a challenge for me.
God has blessed me and I have got a room mate. One of my best friends. I actually have a small house on my property that needs repair and he is helping me repair it. So we're not technically room mates, we're kind of neighbors who share the kitchen and bathroom etc.
Before he even moved in, people who wander around my neighborhood tried to hit him up for money and tell their false stories. Last night somebody stole his motorcycle.
Neither one of us could believe it. I hadn't been robbed in almost 2 years, since I put the bars up. Also a lot of the criminals had left my neighborhood. Also, we were both asleep and they managed to roll the bike away, without waking either of us up. I think because the weather is warmer and because there are still a lot of criminals down the road, we get a lot of wanderers.
Last night as I was talking to my room mate Akal Singh Ji outside, we saw two junkies walk by. One without his shirt and totally strung out. I actually laughed, because it's just so typical. This guy really seemed to think he was cool, even though he had no shirt and looked like a ghost.
I don't know if it was him or who stole the motorcycle, but, for some reason, I was sure Akal Singh Ji would get it back. It was located outside of town, with damage, but not totalled. He stayed home from work and spent time tracking it down.
Unlike when I was robbed, the cops actually helped this time, and I think it's because the bike almost fell into their laps. It got towed from where it was parked and so they came to find it.
Living in my neighborhood seems to be a constant adventure, at least nobody's house got burnt down this time. God's hand is behind every action and there are many lessons we can learn in life.


Gurjeet Singh said...

Thats true Prabhu Singh Ji, living alone is very challenging. I mught not know how challenging coz i live with my parents. Most of the children in western countries prefer to stay alone with a room mate ? why is that so, and in the same city sometimes. Why not parents ? I mean no offence but still parents are left alone once you leave them, isnt it? Dont you feel to be with your parents Prabhu Singh Ji ?

MAI said...

I lived alone for a time after my husband and son were killed in Delhi 84, when I left my family in Montreal. Honestly, I savoured the solitude, but when I got remarried after a few years, I was ready to give it up.

Gurjeet Ji, most often in America the parents want the children out of the house and on their own. I guess families have different values in different cultures.