Sunday, May 06, 2007

First leg of my journey in New York

At baggage claim, where I spotted a Jewish man with the traditional hat and locks of hair.
The first view of the concrete jungle near La Guardia. To the left is a Native American man who was drumming and chanting and seeming to really be enjoying his time by himself in the airport.
Ajai Pal Singh Ji from Takht Hazoor Sahib. His family left Punjab for Hazoor Sahib with Guru Gobind Singh and so he comes from a long history in Hazoor Sahib. He didn't know much English and my Punjabi is almost non-existent, but we got along great and are definitely Khalsa brothers.
This is my friend Ravinder Singh Ji who I met at Mandeep Singh Ji's wedding in December. He came to pick me up at the airport, which was awesome. Here he is getting a phone call. I will have much better pictures of him when I post the rest of my New York photos.
We just got off the freeway and were getting near Richmond Hill and I spotted this truck.
A street in Richmond Hill, which has a large Indian and large Sikh population.
The first Gurdwara we saw. I had never been to a place in the US where you could see so many Sikhs on the streets. You'll spot Sikhs where I live, but they're all people I know. This was the first time I'd been to a city in the US where there was such a large Sikh popultion, that I just saw random turbans on the street. It was pretty cool.

More pictures to come of course.


Anonymous said...

Are you sure some of the people on ur pics mind u taking pics of them? Lol like the jewish guy. Also is driving and talking on your mobile not banded there. Its a major crime here in the uk.


b said...

nice pictures :)

(and even nicer comments beneath them)

i've always wanted to know what was behind the jewish-locks-of-hair thing, but so far none of the jews at my school have been able to tell me. do you happen to know?

Guru Meher Kaur Khalsa said...

The locks of hair the Orthodox Jewish men wear are called payos. I looked it up on the web and found a good link that gives a good explanation (which stems from a commandment given in the Torah, the holy scriptures of the Jews).

Prabhu Singh said...

Thanks Gurumeher Kaur Ji for the information.
tc, most parts of the US it's still legal to talk on a cell phone while driving. Where I live it's alright, but the nearby capitol of Santa Fe has disallowed cell phones while driving. About taking the picture I figured we're in a public place and I don't often take pictures of random people without knowing, but this is New York. Also I know that lots of people have taken my photograph without ever getting my permission (this doesn't justify me doing it, but I can feel a little better about it :-)
b, thanks for the comments :-)

Anonymous said...

wow awesome pics brother!! Oh and about so many Sikhs in the streets, here in Surrey BC, you will find soo many Sikhs, because the province of BC, Canada is home to about a quarter of a million Sikhs! ALso everyone here in BC form ALL backgorunds know who Sikhs are. Unlike in the United States where the majority dont even noee about us at all!