Friday, April 20, 2007

piping in

I thought I might just pipe in on the news about Mandira Bedi.
It's disappointing to me that people would burn an effigy of her. She has 'Ek Ong Kar' tattooed to her back. I agree that it's not the most respectable thing to do, and maybe that point should be made to the youth that may be influenced by her. However, we shouldn't get so upset over such a minor thing. Ek Ong Kar means that God is one, that God is one in everything. God is in the tattoo as in everything else.
There are a lot more problems in Punjab than people with tattoos. If this many people can be upset and mobilized to action over a tattoo, than we should be able to mobilize this many people over drug problems in Punjab. Or mobilize people to watch for RSS literature with Ek Ong Kar on it. That's far more offensive than the tattoo.


Hari Singh said...

Rightly said. I also hate the whole sexist element of it. Every time a controversy comes out that involves a woman the SGPC harshly condemns the woman involved. I think these old men that run our institutions as if they were the owners, are so perverted that they fear women, sexuality and losing their control. They probably give a pat on the back to the half-naked male Bhangra singers who dance salaciously next to half-naked women (also dancing salaciously) while wearing an adi shakti (khanda) around their neck.

Here's an idea, instead of punishing and condemning women for showing a shoulder or part of their back, while at the same time men are allowed to go shirtless at the Hari Mandir Sahib (BTW I’m not advocating that this should change), let’s talk about sex. If anyone should be condemned for the perversion surrounding sex, then it’s mostly men. Guess what, sex is natural, that’s why all you perverted old men in power talk about and think about it so much. Instead of super-imposing a rigidity and perversion over sex which was acquired from another culture and other religion’s dogma, let’s talk about the great aspects of sex, the possibilities for perversion and the way to avoid this.

I think the corrupt so-called “Sikh leadership” saw how much power Priests and religious heads of other religions had over the people by making them feel guilty about sex. I mean if you super-impose their dogma/perversion on to Sikhs, then you instantly take out the power of half the Sikhs, the women. Without citing any specific religion or culture it’s well documented that women have bore the brunt of condemnation, punishment and abuse over sex and still do today. So the women have their power taken away for being the objects of desire. Then the next most powerful group, the young men, are made to accept the leadership of the elders for having the desire. And of course the technologies of yoga and meditation (nam japna), which Guru Gobind Singh taught to his soldiers, are purposely kept away from the youth. This is done so they can’t take their natural sexual energy (which is just a form of creative energy) and channel it towards constructive endeavors. Rather they are left to pervert this energy and turn it into ire against women for being so desirable (even when they’re not trying). Thus the cycle continues.

This all also provides a convenient excuse to turn the focus away from oversight or investigations into corruption.
Sorry if I went way off topic. I just think, as Sikhs, we should celebrate sex for its greatness and its power and we should be the one’s teaching others how not to abuse this through promiscuity and perversion. But not trying to control others through guilt or change their ways through guilt (if they’re ways need to be changed we have other tools we can offer them rather than force upon them).

Gurjeet Singh said...

So, true Khalsa Ji. Sexuality is just another form of energy which is reproductive. As we all know, Reproduction is a cycle in which two mates unite together, its a UNION, its powerful. As humans this is what we have with the grace of God, ie. to produce a life, just like us, out of this energy, to give BIRTH. I dont understand why the word sex or sexuality is taken up so differently. Just because a human cannot take this bliss as another form of energy but a way to seek "Kama" (desire), one can be so illiterate. whereas this energy that is diverted towards desire can be used to do "Karma" (divinity). And you are so true, today we live in a very complex world of complex thoughts. People have fallen into a maze of complexity they dont understand what is meant by "Living in the simplest forms of nature", whatever the nature has to offer, whatever God has made for us. To be what God wants us to be. To be simple, just like HIM.

i think, animals are far mor better than us . they understand what is meant by the word sex, thats the reason they do it for a reproductive cause, in the right time and not for desire.

Guru is the only one to lead us to the right path. May Waheguru enlighten everyone and make us understand what it takes to live in the basic forms of nature, to be a Sikh to become a Khalsa.

Balbir Singh said...

I agree with Bhai Prabhu Singh.We should not give so much importance to this issue when our sikh panth is surrounded with other important issues like, youths are running away from sikh saroop,sikh way of life, are taking drugs, are lured to unsikhlike songs on the TV ,in films.Youths's energy is not channelised for doing seva,doing kirtan,playing Gatka,reading Guru Granth Sahibetc.
Our religous leaders are entangled in such petty useless issues.They are wasting time and energy in such issues while major issues remain unsolved.
Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa ,
Wahegur Ji Ki Fateh

UK-Singh said...

I agree with you completely. In fact I will go further as the issue is about a persons right to put a tattoo on their back and I understand that it is may be at the top of the back? Even if it is at the lower part of the back, I would not consider this a particularly "sexy" part of the body. I can think of many other parts which could have been selected and would have been considered far worse.

As Sikhs, we respect the freedom of others to practice their ways. Further, Ek Onkar conveys the message – "There is one God" and by having the tattoo, the person wants to highlight this message and show their personal support and appreciation of the message. So why all this furore?

Don't we as Sikhs have any better things to worry about and work on? Further, it may be that others would be positively reminded of this message when they see the tattoo – Isn't that a good thing. Who are we to decide which part of the body is suitable and which is not? My father who is nearly 80 has an Ek Onkar on the back of his hand. Should there be an uproar about this?

Putting a tattoo of Ek Onkar does not make one a Sikh but if one believes in One God and wants to outwardly express this with a tattoo, then why should we object? If she wanted to be a Sikh, she would wear the 5Ks. I suppose after all this persecution, will she ever think of becoming a "full Sikh"?

Putt-Jatt-Da said...

Hello Bhai Prabhu,

I believed you have point.
there are problems in punjab like drugs etc......

But you should post something about good about punjab..

Frankly speaking It's like you hate punjab and punjabis..... I am punjabi and never read any post about any problems in white sikh community.... you focus more on punjabi side.... that whats i am Inferencing... i know there a problems in punjab.... but there a lot of good things happening a punjab too... What i am saying lets be fair and balance...
I am very sorry to anyone if i have offended them in anyway. You are free contradict me...

God Bless.....

Prabhu Singh said...

I don't mean to put down Punjab by any means, I only mean that those problems exist and should gain more attention than a tattoo. I have a lot of pictures of Punjab and Punjabis on my blog as well as accompanying stories that are positive.
I've never really thought that a 'white sikh community' exists. My local sangat is multi-ethnic not just 'white.' We don't have a lot of problems with drugs and politics and environmental destruction. We're just a small community compared to the millions in Punjab.
I don't really want to focus on problems, I only mention them, in reference to certain events or actions, like this tattoo debacle.
Punjab lives in my heart, as I'm sure it does for any Sikh whose visited Harmandir Sahib or Anandpur Sahib. I feel like some of the problems faced there, should be known to all of us, because there won't be a Punjab left if certain environmental or drug problems aren't taken seriously. I wish the best for Punjab and Punjabis, things can be so much better.

Anonymous said...

I do agree to certain extent that we should not make a great deal about it, because these kind of people (mandira, paris, as well as men actors ,etc) just want free publicity for their growth only. They are not concerned about religion or ethics and only one sound they hear is ching-ching.....

So, we should just ingnore these kind of people.

The part that I don't agree is that some of the people left comments that she is promoting sikhism!

People! , Is sikhism gone so bad that we have to promote guru's words through sex and skin. Are Sikh dharma really need this kind of explicit nature to promote!!

We need to educate our brothers and sisters, children and even the elderly if possible the essence of sikhism, the universal truth, to see same soul in everyone and through seva.

Mai said...

I find this whole discussion upsetting.

For what it's worth, I was taught that, as Sikhs, we believe that our bodies as God gave them to us are sacred and are to be left as much in a natural state as possible. That includes no piercings (ears included), no circumcision, no tattoos. I suppose that wouldn't include temporary tattoos, which I understand this was.

But, my dear sisters and brothers of the sangat, people are starving although there is plenty of food for all; people are dying from drinking contaminated water, although the technology exists to solve this problem; the most militarily powerful country in the world is wreaking havoc, death and destruction on the innocent people of several smaller countriesand no one seems able to stop them; human beings are dying of AIDS all over the world, although this disease is preventable and can be controlled; global warming is destroying the ecological balance of of the whole planet because of our greedy, thoughtless overuse of greenhouse gas-producing energy,...need I go on? On a Sikh level, our lovely and sacred Harimandir Sahib is being corroded by the out-of-control air pollution in Amritsar, and human beings are breathing this poison, too. We are deep in the Kalyug and IMHO, we need to focus on fighting injustice and the real problems surrounding us and not dissipate our energies over some silly, hapless young lady who has lapsed into bad taste.