Sunday, April 22, 2007

Okay really the rest of my Baisakhi pictures

...and then I'll put other pictures up :-)
Almost to the Gurdwara
Entering the Gurdwara all at once.
waiting in line to bow, the sangat is eager to bow to Siri Guru Granth Sahib Maharaj.

First Shanti Kaur Ji did some awesome kirtan.
Then Gurujot Singh Ji did some awesome kirtan. Both did shabads from Guru Gobind Singh Ji.
Jagat Singh Ji is so devotional, his whole life is seva. He does more seva than anybody I've ever met in my whole life. I took this picture of him as Guru Ji was passing just before going into the Gurdwara.


Gurjeet Singh said...

The pictures are really nice. Here, where i live (mumbai,IN), wish sangat to be more enthusiastic. People dont come out to the local Gurdwara. Instead they go to far off Gurdwaras. Here people have different(biased) views about every Gurdwara... like this is the Gurdwara belonging to this community , that Gurdwara belongs to that community... such sort of stuff happens here. There are millions topics that are discussed but the topic of bringing back sangat to the local Gurdwara is not discussed. Politics has taken its toll... Dunno whats going to happen... Guru Rakhaa.

Gurjeet Singh said...

Jagat Singh Ji looks just like one of the Giani Ji's from Harminder Sahib.

Anonymous said...


According to your obeservation is sikhi increasing among western world or its kinda at steady rate.

The reason I asked this question is that the sangat seems to have decreased at the kirtan nagar at mexico. Or its just me observation from the pics only.

Please provide some statistics on it.

Anonymous said...


Prabhu Singh said...

We are in New Mexico, a state in the United States, not in the country of Mexico.
The sangat for this nagar kirtan, was smaller than in other years. I think some people showed up late, some people were out of town, some people just didn't make it to Gurdwara that day. Our sangat is generally always growing. However we're not the only sangat that has western Sikhs, I would say that world wide Sikhi is certainly growing.
People are tired of all the pain in the world and as more people experience the shabad Guru and God within themselves, they're going to be drawn to this path.

Anonymous said...

thank you for your prompt reply.

take care

Balbir Singh said...

I liked the photos and particularly of Bhai Jagat Singh ji.Seva is synonymous with Sikhi.It makes you humble.It takes out the ego,the beast inside you .Thanks for posting such beautiful pictures.
Waheguru ji ka Khalsa ,
Wahegur ji ki Fateh.

Anonymous said...

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It would, indeed, be befitting to observe his martyrdom day with appropriate publicity and global functions that should serve to invite worldwide media attention to the greatness of his personality, his sacrifice, and his unique martyrdom.

Wahe Guruji ka Khalsa Wahe Guruji ki Fateh,

Harisimran Singh
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