Friday, April 20, 2007


I wanted to upload the rest of my Baisakhi pictures, but I didn't get the chance last night.
In other news, I'd like to congratulate my brother Sardar Hari Singh Khalsa Ji for being elected to the community council (local Sikh community council). He didn't campaign at all, and he was elected. Nobody really campaigned, but he didn't even talk to people to ask for their votes. I think it's because the sangat recognizes him as a good guy who's professional and has great ideas. I'm always very excited about the future of this community and I'm glad that my brother will be intimately linked with the decision making process.
I hope that you all can come to visit some day.
Raj Karega Khalsa!


Hari Singh said...

Thanks Prabhu for your support. Since I didn't really campaign or actively seek anybody's vote, I feel very blessed (and humbled) that the sangat chose me. I do have a lot of ideas which I think are progressive. I'm a studied individual, which helps to bring a broad array of ideas to the table when making decisions. Also, for this same reason, I promise to bring all of the passion and energy of the youth to the fore, without any of the rashness that is sometimes associated with youth.

manpreet kaur said...

Congratulations Hari Singh Ji!!!!

You and your brother are so so full of passion,so enthusiastic. Etymologically enthusiastic means "in the middle of God", so that is right, isn't it!
Keep on the good work!