Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I can see the Gurdwara from here as well...

Some day I will invite you all to stay with me at the location providing this view. Until then I can only invite you to take a walk and enjoy the sunset from my land.


manpreet kaur said...


How beautiful it is over there! It makes someone very quiet.... You are blessed to live on such a place, Prabhu Ji!
But where is the gurdwara? Give a clue, a hint!

Prabhu Singh said...

If you look about 90 degrees to the left you would see the Gurdwara and the rest of the neighborhood. :-)
I am very blessed to be here. Many lifetimes just to bow my head at the feet of the Guru. WaheGuru!

Jasbir said...

hey prabhu!
its been a very long time since we last communicated! i hope u are doing good. things for me are nice and smooth as well. take care yea


Honky Sikh Action Man said...

I was Just wondering if you had started to build in your lot yet. If not you might want to look into alternative housing. They are quick efficient and alot cheaper and eco friendly than regulare houses. You might want to check out straw bale houses or Pacific dome houses both are awsome alternatives to regulare housig but just as good. Just throwing you some ideas

Niyara Khalsa said...

ya , may be you could also have a look at the Dymaxion house concept by Buckminister fuller !

Prabhu Singh said...

Thanks everybody for the comments.
Chris Singh Ji, I haven't started to build yet, but I can guaruntee you that I will not build another "stick" house. By 'stick' house I mean a frame house. Adobe was used successfully here for centuries. Sometimes in the winter it may be zero degrees (F) outside with the sun shining. At the very least, every house in New Mexico should use passive solar, and most don't. Most of our building codes are results of lumber and insulation industry lobbies (in the US). Our Gurdwara is a rammed earth with radiant heat, which I'm considering. I don't know what I'm going to do yet and who I'm going to hire, that's why I haven't started anything yet. So far the people I've talked to have quoted me really high prices (for conventional housing). I don't want conventional. I want a place that is in tune with the environment and built well and well decorated so that the sangat gets a place that they deserve. It's not just my house I plan to build, but the house of my future wife and kids and a place for visiting sangat.

Niyara Khalsa Ji, I hadn't learned about the dymaxion house until I just read about it on wikipedia. I was introduced to many of Buckminster Fuller's inventions by my brother, but he never mentioned the dymaxion house.
My brother is my source for environmental technology and understanding. He's taught me about composting and water, waste, space conservation etc. He told me about the shower that Buckminster Fuller invented that used only one cup of water! My brother built a composting toilet because he thinks it's uncivilized to use our precious and scarce drinking water as a place to deposit human waste. It's a crude prototype but it works. At least he's not polluting his groundwater more by continuing to use his septic.
When I finally build I totally want to build with the environment in mind and I want to have the capacity to be off the grid and give extra electricity that I generate back to the grid.

VS said...

Build it, people (we) will come ;)

Very nice View !!!! Breath-Taking